Business Website Prep School

Confused and overwhelmed on how to build a website?

So you've decided that building a website is the next step for your business...

But it's oh so confusing and overwhelming! Arghhhhh!

There's too much information scattered all over the internet from different so-called "experts."

Some of the strategies behind them are conflicting; while some information is outdated.

And they don't even apply to small business owners like you.

Now, you're more confused than ever. So confused you don't even know where to start.

(Or maybe you've taken the first steps to building your site but it has been a work-in-progress for... well... forever.)

Introducing the Business Website Prep School.

By signing up for the prep school, you'll go away with the clarity and confidence to build your wildly profitable business website - whether you're doing-it-yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you.

The Business Website Prep School is FREE for the first 100 students. (Normally $49.)

It's scheduled to be released on Thursday February 20, 2020.

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    You'll get access to:

    1. Bite-sized video modules - Because who has time for lengthy explanations that are full of fluff? Not us small business owners. (Modules are also available in written format in case you prefer reading over watching videos.)
    2. Support and accountability - There's a section after each module where you can ask questions and cheer other students on. Its value? Priceless!
    3. Regular updates - Modules are updated regularly because tech evolves and changes nonstop. So you'll be sure to get relevant and up-to-date information.

    Video modules include:

    1. The Ultimate Prep Work
      1. Create Your Ideal Customer Avatar
    2. Your Website Purpose
      1. Identify Your Main Call-To-Action
      2. Always Grow Your Mailing List
      3. Provide More Value & Get More Sales
    3. Design & Content
      1. Branding Like a Pro
      2. Two Unbelievably Simple Ways to Write Web Copy that Converts
    4. Building Your Website
      1. Domain Name & Web Hosting - Best Bang for Your Buck
      2. WordPress & Astra Starter Site
      3. Integrating ConvertKit with WordPress
      4. Blogging Using WordPress
    5. Automate Your Sales
      1. For Service-Based Businesses: Automate Bookings Using Acuity Scheduling
      2. For Product-Based Businesses: Automate Selling Using WooCommerce

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